When will pricing professionals make over a million dollars a year? Or are they already?

With pricing teams generating tens of millions of dollars if not sometimes a hundred million it would make sense that pricing professionals get compensated based on that production.  So, when we will see our first million dollar a year compensation?  Or do we already have some people who are making over a million dollars a year? 

According to the salary data, we already have pricing professionals making over a million dollars a year.  However, they are all in technology industry with most of their compensation coming from stock, which could be more of a reflection of the company than the pricing impact.  Also, those people have an average base salary of only $300K.  So, when will we see a pricing professional making a million dollars in base salary? 

Currently the top base salaries are in the $400,000’s with some rumored to be in the $500,000’s.  We have a long way to go before top base salaries are in the millions.  That being said, I would expect the compensation to be a factor of performance and so a large portion of that million-dollar compensation should be in bonus.  Which brings up the question: how should pricing professionals be compensated?  Should we be pushing to get compensated more on our impact than just a flat base salary and 20-40% bonus?  What do you think?